Rally To Restore Sanity – Lets Borrow the Phrase!

There is Talk Show Host in the USA called Jon Stewart who is calling for a Rally To Restore Sanity – a voice for the people of moderation .. for those who don’t wish to slander and yell and put others down.

I am not into politics at all – simply because of the slamming and carrying on of the politicos and their spin doctors – that makes it all seems such a sham to me. Nor am I much interested in the politics of the USA but this concept of the restoration of reasonableness seems to me to be something we could all take a lesson from.
Is it not the politicans job to bring a good governance to our land? Not bicker and back stab so much nothing happens. So that it all comes to a standstill?

We need to restore the quality of sanity to many aspects of our lives.

From the arguing and out right slander that occurs in politics to the tremendous focus on fear based realities that our media promotes so heavily.

Have we forgotten what it is to meet and be reasonable, to be sane with each other.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Isn’t it about time that we stopped yelling at each other, throwing barbs at each other and started restoring our sanity – by looking for new and creative ways of doing things, not only governmental but related also to our lives from the smallest interaction with our neighbour, to the larger vision of how we treat our neighbouring countries and the peoples of those countries.

Let’s all put our hands up today for a return to the Restoration of Sanity in our lives – bring on the creativity that will assist us to evolve rather than continue to slide around in the mud of the lowest common denominator.

I invite your comments .. let me know what you think about this .. and if you have suggestions for the ways we can each individually contribute to sanity – please share that here!

2 Responses to “Rally To Restore Sanity – Lets Borrow the Phrase!”

  1. julia hayes says:

    Hi Shazar,

    It was interesting to note during our period of limbo non-government, that the main parties had to tone down their direct attacks to appear more reasonable themselves. The country survived, the stock market didn’t crash, and the food supply continued.

    I just can’t see us standing in a physical rally being ‘reasonable’ or pumping the air with our fists shouting ‘ let’s be reasonable’. Better we follow Ghandi’s suggestion ‘be the change you want to see’. I know you practise this yourself. Julia

  2. Shazar says:

    Oh Julia I absolutely agree.. no actual marching for me! I intended more to borrow the phrase of restoring sanity – and for a time of peacefulness rather than attack. We achieve nothing by fight.
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