Clinton Global Initiative – what does it mean for you?

I have been hearing of the the Clinton Global Initiative mainly through my connection with Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation.

Maya was invited to the CGI in Hong Kong in 2009 and on meeting President Clinton rather than trying to get his attention toward her chosen charity and what she was doing.. she simply said to him (or words to this effect):

“You inspired me to get up from my sick bed and know that I can do it – I am the same age as you and I also had a major heart operation like you.”

This touched Mr Clinton and he hugged her exhibiting a genuine and deeply felt connection between the two.

Now Maya’s work with the Sage Foundation is recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative which aims to turn pioneering ideas into viable solutions to urgent global challenges,and brings together international leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs, the media, and academia to make “Commitments to Action” that impact lives around the world.

Maya is certainly impacting lives around the world.

Just two weeks ago something happened that gave me a significant demonstration of the massive impact just a small gesture can make.  I was fortunate to share the voyage with Maya on the recent Dreamcatchers Cruise – and during that cruise worked with Maya with my Avatar system – a health screening instrument.

At the end of the consult Maya asked me “How much do I owe you?” No I replied – nothing it is my pleasure – but she insisted – so having given her a homeopathic remedy worth USD30 – I said – give it rather to the Sage Foundation.

Maya said:  “I shall let you know what I do with it.”

One week later I received this email from her and I quote:

USD 30/-  relates to 1500 Indian Rupees. I gave your donation to an old widow who has no source of income except for charity from a few organizations. She has a grown up mentally retarded son who is tall and hefty, but she has to bathe him and cook for him inspite of being weak and ill herself.

She rang me up a few days ago and said she had no money for her rations and was eating stale chappatis given to her by her neighbours. I immediately sent her your money which will keep her going for a month. I told her about you and she has blessed you from the bottom of her heart.

Wow – what a difference a small, almost throw away gift from the richness of our Western lands can make to the life of another.

I am so grateful to Maya for giving me this opportunity to see how much we can affect lives so far away and how much we can do for others if we simply open our hearts.

Maya had open heart surgery – and her heart has been open ever since.

She is one of the very special people on this planet and if you are ever looking for a great cause to support then look no further because the Sage Foundation is doing some great work and needs lots of friends around the world.

Please pass on this blog post so we can spread the word – thank you.

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