India – the heart land….

What an amazing three weeks I have had.  My journey has been a total kaleidoscope of colours, smells, contrasts, noise, emotions, joys, overwhelm and so much appreciation of our humanity.

I have been privileged to meet people who are totally living from the heart – with a deep understanding of our need to make a difference in our lives.

I was constantly reminded of the story of the little boy who was on the seashore – picking up starfish from the thousands that littered the sands and throwing them back into the water.

A man came to him and said.. what difference does it make.. there are thousands of them.. the little boy answered – as he picked up one more and threw it back into the waves.. “It made a difference to that one”.

In India there is always more to do.. another child in need, another woman who can be helped to get on her own feet with some basic retraining. Yet another starfish to be helped back into the flow of the waves..

Is it worth it?


To see the smiles on the faces of the children from the Geeta Nagar slums in Mumbai – who are being given the opportunity to learn. To see in these narrow and jumbled streets – more like passageways between the cobbled together houses.. the co-existence of Muslim, Hindu and Christian.. their temples and churches almost next door.

Right here at these grassroots were so many learnings for me.

Let me introduce Sagaya Mary to you… she is a teacher who lives and works with the children in the slum – she is a powerhouse of a woman – extremely spiritual and a devout Christian – we followed her along the narrow street and she had kind words and greetings for all she met .. and could tell us the stories of all the children.

Is this a place that you can lose your heart? Very much so.. a place where every small gift can make  such a difference to these people’s lives.  And in losing your heart to them – you truly find it again!

I’m going back of course  – and if any of you are interested in joining me – we have designed an amazing adventure / journey of the heart to take you into this world – and also to go outside of the cities to the village life that will catch at the centre of your being.

We will be on a trip of a lifetime – and you will have the chance to make a difference in a profound way.  Stay posted for details – leaving end of February 2011.

Wisdom from Don Tolman

From Don Tolman

Come to the Encephalos alone, while the dew is still on the roses… To Keep Your Encephalos Gardenia Healthy:

1.    Peace of mind
2.    Peace of heart
3.    Peace of abundance

1.    Squash gossip
2.    Squash indifference
3.    Squash grumbling
4.    Squash intolerance

1.    Lettuce be happy
2.    Lettuce be kind
3.    Lettuce be patient
4.    Lettuce really love one another

1.    Turnip for play & sports
2.    Turnip emotional support for others
3.    Turnip to help one another
4.    Turnip the corners of your mouth & smile

Round out your Encephalos Gardenia

1.    Thyme for each other
2.    Thyme for family
3.    Thyme for friends
4.    Thyme to Imagine and Dream

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in you encephalos gardenia to harvest, because you reap what you sow, life is sweet to the taste. (Sometimes it’s hard to remember, that you can always, “Bloom right where you are planted.”)


For a mountain of self-care wisdom and tips, refer to my Farmacist Desk Reference.  It’s the world’s first two- volume, 1,600 page encyclopedia of wholefood medicine. CLICK HERE to find out why the FDR is the best investment in your family’s health that you could ever make.

Gratitude Will Lift you out of the doldrums every time.

Gratitude is a magic key.  It will shift your energy, move your mood, transform your ability to create harmoniously and assist you to effect a positive change on the surrounding environment.

and it has a key behind it.. this is the key to making sure that you practice gratitude on a daily basis.

And it is recall.. recall.. and create a habit.  Create a positive habit.. one which suports you and brings you into a state of calmness and release.

I found the first thing was simply to create a discipline in the morning.. that consists of a half hour walk and a 20 minute meditation.  I get up at 6 and I walk.. then I sit .. and out of that there comes another remembrance .. an anchor if you like to the recall of the need to consciously acknowledge that which you are grateful for in your life.

Gratitude to the sky for its expanse.

Gratitude to the sun for giving life on earth.

Gratitude to the sea for providing balance and harmony in tune with the frequency of the earth.

Gratitude to the penguins who play on the ice.

Gratitude to whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

It will move you into a different state of being….

The Power of Hope

“Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes strongly, has within him the gift of miracles.” — Samuel Smiles

On the Mesothelioma site, their byline is Hope, Support and Help.  They are real people there to help – with an appreciation of the difficult time the patients and their families.
They have worked had to provide a website brimming with information which ranges through all the different aspects of possible treatments, and symptoms and also includes information on the latest  research that is being carried out.

And it’s not only all about the medical model – they have sent me a brief description about the benefits of massage for the sufferers of Mesothelioma:

The potential benefits of massage for people with cancer include improved blood circulation, less pain, and relaxed muscles.  Many comprehensive cancer treatment regimens include massage as a palliative treatment, meaning it makes the patient feel better but does not directly attack the disease.  Palliative therapy is widely recognized as an important and valuable part of overall patient care.  There are many elements and types of palliative therapy.  Massage is just one.

The symptoms of pleural mesothelioma include chest pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath.  People with peritoneal mesothelioma often get ascites (fluid in the abdominal cavity) and distentation of the abdomen.  Massage can help ease the discomfort caused by those symptoms.  A common side effect of cancer treatment is lymphedema, the swelling in the arms or legs caused by obstruction in the lymphatic system.  Massage has been shows to treat lymphedema.  There is more to be discovered here about  massage and cancer patients.

“Too often we under-estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
–Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Never underestimate the power of support – in fact statistics have shown in many cases that survival rates for cancer sufferers improve when they are involved in support groups.

Tips from the Health Guru Don Tolman

Had a great evening recently being entertained and informed by that master of health Mr Don Tolman.

If you have never had the experience of an event with him – it is highly recommended.  He will keep you laughing while he demonstrates clearly the benefits of a whole food diet and what foods you can eat to help different organs and systems in your body.  The signatures of foods he calls it.. just look at the shape of the food and see what organ it will help.. walnuts for brains anyone?!!

He tells us and I totally agree.. that there are seven major principles of health that if you follow them you will be living a healthy and whole life of joy!

So I am going to share them with you.. they are the same as the principles we teach daily at Best Health – universal knowledge with a timely reminder from Don Tolman.

  1. Air.. clean air that moves.. the wind and the breeze create electrically charged air.. you feel so enlivened when you are immersed in the negative ions of electrical charge from the ocean breezes.  If you sit in a stagnating still office, with no circulating air you will soon be sleepy and unproductive and a sleepy unproductive person is uninspired and unfulfilled.
  2. Water – also has electrical charge, still stagnating water is less able to hydrate the body – so shake or move your water around before drinking  and make sure you drink plenty.. the body is 70% water and the brain requires an even higher percentage.
  3. Sunlight – we are so scared of the sun.. suddenly it is the ‘boogie man’ – I see people at the beach early in the morning covered up – hats – sunglasses – long sleeves – oh how sad to see them missing out on the beautiful early morning rays of the sun that gives our whole planet life.
  4. Walking – our legs are there for a reason.. to walk to stride along – to take a ‘passiagata’ – an evening stroll – a constitutional – if you walk 45 minutes to one hour a day your body mind and spirit will sing!
  5. Whole foods – foods that still look like they were just grown – not processed, packaged, dried, frozen, microwaved, added to, taken away from – generally destroyed!  Eat them as close to the place of production as you can – find out where your local farmer’s market is and make sure you shop there.  The produce at these places has been picked in the last few days and is fresh and nutritious.  Supermarket produce has often been trucked across the country, stored in cold storage for months and otherwise generally mistreated.
  6. Non-toxic relationships. If you are not happy in your home, if your family is constantly fighting or playing cold war – do something about it.  This atmosphere either at home or at work is killing you.  We often do work with people who are having this type of difficulty here at Best Health because it is such an important aspect to feeling good.
  7. Passion – you need to dedicate some time every day of your life to something that you are apssionate about. Whatever that is.. it may be simply digging in your garden – but do it and then take a moment to feel gratitude.  Gratitude will lift you out of the doldrums every time.
    It is a gift you can give yourself on a daily basis.The local South Fremantle Farmers Market

Nothing to do with Health – Google Doodles!

Sometimes we all have to stray off the track!!  Google have taken me totally off track today with their Google Doodles!!

This is today’s – their birthday? here it is..

and for a selection of those past.. have a look here…

all a bit of fun – and as I said.. nothing at all to do with health.  Unless of course you know as we do .. that humour and laughter is more healing than any other force on the planet!! Enjoy!

Clinton Global Initiative – what does it mean for you?

I have been hearing of the the Clinton Global Initiative mainly through my connection with Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation.

Maya was invited to the CGI in Hong Kong in 2009 and on meeting President Clinton rather than trying to get his attention toward her chosen charity and what she was doing.. she simply said to him (or words to this effect):

“You inspired me to get up from my sick bed and know that I can do it – I am the same age as you and I also had a major heart operation like you.”

This touched Mr Clinton and he hugged her exhibiting a genuine and deeply felt connection between the two.

Now Maya’s work with the Sage Foundation is recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative which aims to turn pioneering ideas into viable solutions to urgent global challenges,and brings together international leaders from government, the private sector, NGOs, the media, and academia to make “Commitments to Action” that impact lives around the world.

Maya is certainly impacting lives around the world.

Just two weeks ago something happened that gave me a significant demonstration of the massive impact just a small gesture can make.  I was fortunate to share the voyage with Maya on the recent Dreamcatchers Cruise – and during that cruise worked with Maya with my Avatar system – a health screening instrument.

At the end of the consult Maya asked me “How much do I owe you?” No I replied – nothing it is my pleasure – but she insisted – so having given her a homeopathic remedy worth USD30 – I said – give it rather to the Sage Foundation.

Maya said:  “I shall let you know what I do with it.”

One week later I received this email from her and I quote:

USD 30/-  relates to 1500 Indian Rupees. I gave your donation to an old widow who has no source of income except for charity from a few organizations. She has a grown up mentally retarded son who is tall and hefty, but she has to bathe him and cook for him inspite of being weak and ill herself.

She rang me up a few days ago and said she had no money for her rations and was eating stale chappatis given to her by her neighbours. I immediately sent her your money which will keep her going for a month. I told her about you and she has blessed you from the bottom of her heart.

Wow – what a difference a small, almost throw away gift from the richness of our Western lands can make to the life of another.

I am so grateful to Maya for giving me this opportunity to see how much we can affect lives so far away and how much we can do for others if we simply open our hearts.

Maya had open heart surgery – and her heart has been open ever since.

She is one of the very special people on this planet and if you are ever looking for a great cause to support then look no further because the Sage Foundation is doing some great work and needs lots of friends around the world.

Please pass on this blog post so we can spread the word – thank you.

Weight Loss – Drew Carey Does It!!

Seventy pounds lighter (thats 31.7 kilos for us Aussies) Drew Carey (The Price is Right Host) attributes his stunning weight loss to a strict zero carbohydrates diet and lots of working out .. specifically cardio.. that is getting the heart rate up and moving his body!

And not only that he said he is “No longer diabetic!!”

Any of us who are carrying any more weight than normal can take a lesson out of his book.  Forget the diets that claim “low fat low fat low fat”.. – here at Best Health we have been recommending good fats and low carbs on our weight loss diets for years.

As Drew Carey said – “It sucks being fat” well not only that .. it is also very very bad for your health.

If you have midriff fat it is particularly unhealthy and is an indicator of fat surrounding the internal organs which leaves you wide open for heart disease and other severe disease states.  The problem is not so much the subcutaneous fat – that is .. that which is just below the skin, but the visceral fat.

This fat is seen often on those with the ‘beer gut’ – that hard protruding bulge that so many men have. It has a particular risk of increasing your chance of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, diabetes, some types of cancer, and other chronic and degenerative diseases.  With this type of fat there is an increase in inflammatory factors produced and it is this inflammation in the body that sets up the reactions that lead to disease.

What are our main recommendations to have a result like Drew Carey has:

1. Stress reduction – weight gain and high stress levels have a strong inter-relationship.
2. Increasing protein, decreasing poor quality carbohydrates.
3. Reducing food and chemical allergens.
4. Increasing exercise

    And one of that main aspects is certainly finding the motivation that will drive you to really take action and do it!

    This is massively important because without it you can have all of the information – all of the diet charts and recipes and even the protein supplements – and without the motivation you will go nowhere.  A really effective means of helping with this is using techniques of kinesiology.  EFT (emotional Freedom technique) can also be very useful.

    Kinesiology testing can shift underlying stress patterns and old belief systems which will get in your way of successful weight reduction.  With this you can set weight loss goals and deal with negative belief patterns from past ‘dieting nightmares’ and in this way you will see a far higher success rate.

    So summer is almost here in the Southern Hemisphere.. so apart from the aim to join the ranks of the healthy ones, use all the triggers you can to get you into shape.. that new bathing suit for example – the look on your child’s face when you can run and jump with them – when you can play – when you can throw away your dangerous medication – when you can start looking at the clothes in any clothes shop.. not just the large sizes.  Go for it.. get healthy today – the future is yours when you take the long term view and see yourself as healthy happy and slim.

    That extra slice of bread, that icecream, that chocolate bar – just is not worth the instant gratification it gives you.

    Kinesiology – a great tool

    Recently I had the privilege of using Kinesiology to help a friend of mine with her baby.

    His mother –  was super conscientious and made a massive effort to have the happiest healthiest baby.  She took care before she became pregnant, assisted her husband also to be in an optimal state of health, and once she conceived she ate all the right things and did all the recommended activities for the optimal health of her baby.  During her whole pregnancy she was generally feeling good and she bloomed.

    Sadly for her and her husband and of course the little one… there was a rare problem with her child and this was an incredible shock for my friend.

    Whilst I was away on a trip, my friend sent me a text in a desperate state.  Her child – her beloved one, was having terrible trouble settling, would start in his sleep, was clearly in colicy pain much of the time.  And as she was breast feeding, she adjusted her diet time and time again to try to locate the source of the colic to no avail.

    By the time I saw them both the day after arriving home, the poor girl was in tears and finding her efforts to settle her dear baby futile.  Imagine – her baby simply would not settle … the joy was draining out of her being – wanting to love her child and feeling like she was unable to be the perfect mother she so much desired to be.

    What to do?

    Here was a small scrap of humanity – clearly in pain – and discomfort.  How could I help him I asked myself?

    And at the same time I understood that trust was the single and biggest most important factor in any healing .. in any endeavour to assist another human being to move into a state of ease.

    I am fortunate to have been taught some excellent skills by some very good teachers..including an ability to ‘muscle test’ or ‘muscle monitor – the skill of kinesiology – that is to ask questions by accessing a lock or a fail on a muscle stress indicator.

    And so with my friend’s baby in her arms, I employed my kinesiology skills.  In simple terms I asked the question: what was needed to help this baby’s problem?  The kinesiology test indicated that a homeopathic was required.  and not only any homoepathic, but a very specific one that I had on my shelf in the next room.

    I was sceptical – even though I have been using kinesiology for over 15 years, I sometimes go into my own distrust of an answer that is given.  But I  took the homeopathic – it happened to be a in the form of a cream to be rubbed into the skin (perfect for a baby) and examined the ingredients.  Although this cream was designed to be used for trauma, and pain, each of the ingredients happened to have an application for colic,digestive discomfort and disturbance of sleep and a generally stressful condition.  They were fitting on many levels for this baby’s difficulty.

    It was time to put the remedy to the test.. to trust and utilise the cream and then step back and see what happened.

    We massaged a little into the baby’s skin on the stomach.

    And then to both of our amazement within five minutes the little one settled and relaxed and began to sleep.  His mother in amazement looked at me and said.. “He never settles like this when we are out.”

    Two days later she emailed me to thank me .. her baby was relaxing and settling and finally she felt that the change in his demeanour and his new state of being was something that could last.

    Kinesiology – magic?  How does it work? What is it all about?  For more on this subject .. please read here.. and if you are curious yourself and would like to experience this wonderful work, call us .. we will be more than happy to assist you with the kinesiolgy skills with which we have been privileged to learn.  We are in Perth, Western Australia.

    And if you would like to ask more about this skill, post us your questions here.  We will be happy to respond to you.

    Rally To Restore Sanity – Lets Borrow the Phrase!

    There is Talk Show Host in the USA called Jon Stewart who is calling for a Rally To Restore Sanity – a voice for the people of moderation .. for those who don’t wish to slander and yell and put others down.

    I am not into politics at all – simply because of the slamming and carrying on of the politicos and their spin doctors – that makes it all seems such a sham to me. Nor am I much interested in the politics of the USA but this concept of the restoration of reasonableness seems to me to be something we could all take a lesson from.
    Is it not the politicans job to bring a good governance to our land? Not bicker and back stab so much nothing happens. So that it all comes to a standstill?

    We need to restore the quality of sanity to many aspects of our lives.

    From the arguing and out right slander that occurs in politics to the tremendous focus on fear based realities that our media promotes so heavily.

    Have we forgotten what it is to meet and be reasonable, to be sane with each other.

    Einstein’s definition of insanity was: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Isn’t it about time that we stopped yelling at each other, throwing barbs at each other and started restoring our sanity – by looking for new and creative ways of doing things, not only governmental but related also to our lives from the smallest interaction with our neighbour, to the larger vision of how we treat our neighbouring countries and the peoples of those countries.

    Let’s all put our hands up today for a return to the Restoration of Sanity in our lives – bring on the creativity that will assist us to evolve rather than continue to slide around in the mud of the lowest common denominator.

    I invite your comments .. let me know what you think about this .. and if you have suggestions for the ways we can each individually contribute to sanity – please share that here!